Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mystery Box

I found this idea somewhere. I can't remember where. Sorry. The kids loved it though. I took a large box and covered it with cute paper. Then I filled it with a few items from home that represented each song we have learned for the Program. I blindfolded the kids and let them pick something out of the box. Then they had to pick which song went with each item.

I know that my Savior loves me - A heart shaped cookie cutter
He Sent His Son- Baby Jesus from a Manger scene
Follow the Prophet- Ensign with President Monson on the front
When I am Baptized- Rainbow yarn
The Holy Ghost- An ear from our Mr. Potato Head
Come Follow Me- A Sandal
The Church of Jesus Christ- A Missionary Tag

The kids had a lot of fun. I think I will do this activity again sometime!