Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th of July Sparklers

I made some cute little fourth of July sparklers out of pipe cleaners for all the kids. I plan to have them help me lead the music with them. I am going to teach the kids "My Flag, My Flag," and we are going to Review the Program songs. I also made a chart with all the songs listed. I am going to have the Presidency and the Teachers help me decide how many star stickers the kids earned by singing each one. I will place that many star stickers on the chart. I am hoping this will help us see which songs need more work.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Test and a Review

Tomorrow I plan on testing the kids on their knowledge of "The Holy Ghost." I shuffled up all the pictures I made to learn the song. I am going to divide them into groups and see if they can put them in the right order. If they can, then we will play a game.
I have a little basket with about 6 little balls in it. They will get a turn to toss the balls into the bucket. However many they make into the bucket is how many notes the pianist will play. Then they have to guess which song it is. I think I will only have the songs from the program for right now. I want to get a feel for how many of the songs they know and which ones need a little work.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Father's Day

For Father's Day I am planning on reviewing all of the songs that the kids have learned so far for the sacrament program. I attached a song to a tie. I am going to hide the ties all over the primary room and have the kids find them. On a couple of ties I also attached a "sing your favorite song." I hope it turns out fun and that the kids enjoy it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Singing Time in a Can

Today we spent the time repeating the Father's Day Songs we will be singing in Sacrament Meeting next week, and "The Holy Ghost." I tried to make it fun by having a can full of ways to sing the song, like" only girls, only boys, those wearing red, blue, etc, sing to the ceiling, turn around and sing, wisper, sing and sway, etc. I think it went pretty well. I am hoping that they weren't to bored with it. They seems to know the songs a little better.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Holy Ghost

Last Sunday I taught the kids the song The Holy Ghost.
I started out by whispering "If you can hear me touch your nose, If you can hear me touch your head, if you can hear me reverently fold your arms." The kids followed my instructions and I told them that if we listen carefully we can listen to the Holy Ghost and follow his instructions even though it is a still small voice. Then I had the pianist play it through once while we clapped the beat. Then I told the kids that the beat was steady and constant just like the Holy Ghost. He will be our constant companion as long as we are worthy.
Then we learned the words. It went pretty well. I just found pictures on the web and also from the Friend and put them in page protectors. Then I put them all in a binder and just turned the pages as the kids sang.