Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to School

I found an idea on Sugardoodle that we used for singing time today. I got some pencils and on the bottom I wrote a number on a few of them. The kids got to pick a pencil. If it had a number on it we sang the correlating song. If it didn't we just kept picking. It worked out pretty well and the kids all got a new pencil to start school off with tomorrow.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Who What How

Today we did another review idea that I found somewhere I can't remember. I am going to have to pay more attention. Sorry. Anyway, I had 3 cans that I covered with cute paper. On one I had written "Who", and the other two said, "What" and 'How". Then I had all the songs we were going to review in the "what" can. It was a fun review. Some of the other things said blue eyes, those wearing green, whisper sing, eyes closed, etc.

Rainbow Colors

We learned "When I am Baptized" in August. The kids have done really well with it. Last week I saw an idea that we did to review it. I can't remember where I found it though. Sorry.
I took 6 cups and filled them with a little water and vinegar. Then I had 6 spoons with a different color drop of food coloring on each one. Then I covered the food coloring with baking soda. On the chalk board I had written the words to the song and each phrase was written in a different color of chalk. A reverent helper picked a spoon and stirred it into the glass. Whatever color the water changed is the colored phrase we erased. The kids loved it and we were able to repeat the song quite a bit.