Saturday, July 24, 2010

Making Butter

For Singing time I got an idea off of Sugardoodle. I got a bunch of film canisters from Walgreens and put a little bit of cream in each one. I am going to have a picture of the Nauvoo temple and a picture of the Salt Lake Temple on the board. I have a bunch of pictures of little covered wagons. On the back of each wagon is a song from the Primary Program. I am going to have the kids pick a wagon and they have to sing that song til they pass it off. Once they do, it goes on the "Wagon Trail." They have to pass them all off before the wagons can make it to the Salt Lake Valley. On Songs like "Follow the Prophet" I made a wagon with each verse.
As the kids sing, they get to shake their cream and hopefully they will make butter. On each wagon along with each song is also a way to shake their butter. (Over their head, right hand, left hand, behind their back, etc.) I am going to bring some rolls too, so that they can take home them and eat their butter on them. Hopefully the kids will enjoy it. I think it will be fun.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Find the Covered Wagon

Today we are going to be reviewing "Come Follow Me." I have a picture of a covered wagon I am going to hide. Then we are going to play Hot and Cold. One kid will go out into the hall while the other kids hide the wagon. The kids will sing louder the closer the child gets to finding the wagon, and quieter the further away the child gets. I hope it will be a fun way for them to repeat the song over and over again and hopefully learn it really well.